'Grey’s Anatomy' Couple-Centric Spoilers

'Grey’s Anatomy' Couple-Centric Spoilers

I don't know about you guys but I'm going through hardcore Grey's Anatomy withdrawals. But you know what does help? Grey's Anatomy spoilers.. so check these out. They're spoilerific!

Is there any chance Lexie will stick with Avery (the hot, age-appropriate doc) over Mark (the guy old enough to be her dad)? Ausiello spoiled that there’s a bit of a time jump in the early part of May sweeps, and when the action picks up, they’re still an item. In the meantime, we’ll find out in next week’s musical episode how Mark feels about his ex playing doctor with McPrettyEyes. Chyler Leigh reveals:

“Callie mentions that he is devastated by it. We don’t really see much interaction between Mark and Lexie in the next couple of episodes. I’m sure it will come to a head [the next time] they’re in the same room together for more than a few minutes.”

Also, Sarah Drew commented on April-Stark dynamic:

“April-Stark [Peter MacNicol] situation takes some fun, interesting twists and turns… In an [upcoming] episode, you see her stand up for herself in a pretty awesome way. It’s cool to see [April] come into her own and not be such a nervous Nellie about everything.”