Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers on Teddy-Cristina and Calzona’s Baby

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April 5, 2011

Last week’s big blowout on Grey’s Anatomy between Teddy and Cristina will leave Owen to play referee. e!Online hit the Grey’s Anatomy set, McKidd shared some minor spoilers:

“There’s a lot going on between Teddy and Cristina at the moment in their professional and personal relationship, and Owen’s very much trying to mediate that. Maybe with some success and maybe not. It’s not all just happiness and light.”

Dare we hope that Calzona’s baby makes it to the next season of Grey’s? Things will definitely get worse before they get better. The good news is you may have heard about a little thing coming up called the Calzona wedding, and producer Stacy McKee tell us:

“They’ve been through an awful lot this season, and it gets even worse soon. This is the magical part and they’ll get to be in the honeymoon stage for a while.” We think that sounds hopeful for the longevity of Baby Torres-Robbins-Sloan.