What does Callie’s baby mean for our favorite Grey’s Anatomy couples?

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January 25, 2011

Ever since the Grey’s Anatomy bombshell about Callie was dropped, I’m sure you guys have been wondering: how will that affect Callie&Arizona and Mark&Lexie? Well check out these Grey’s Anatomy spoilers on what’s coming up for these two couples!

Heather: On Grey’s, is Callie’s baby going to make it and what will this mean for our favorite couple?
Um, make that couples, mamacita! Plural! There are obviously going to be some complicated repercussions for both Callie and Arizona, and Lexie and Mark, and Callie and Mark (duh!) because of this bambino on the way. And L+M will have further drama when he does something sneaky at work in order to get the 411 on her. Also, can we just say poor Lexie and Meredith!? When Thatcher (their father) reappears with a health condition and a new girlfriend who is totally inappropriate in every way, this is what it’s gonna end up looking like:


Source: Watch with Kristin