Callie and Arizona aren’t REALLY going to Africa, are they?

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November 2, 2010

After watching Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I’m sure you guys are wondering: are Calzona really leaving Seattle Grace for Africa? Check out these spoilers (as well as spoilers on upcoming nuptials!) and see what’s coming up for our favorite Grey’s Anatomy gang!

@NouraWalan (via Twitter): Cali and Arizona! Tell me they’re not leaving!
Don’t worry—Callie and Arizona aren’t going far. You’ll see lots of Sara Ramirez‘s Callie throughout November sweeps—she even cozies up with Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) in episode eight (see below!). And according to our intel, it looks like she’s back to work at the hospital by episode 10, either that, or someone else at Seattle Grace who just got off “leave” is taking over doing minimally invasive hip replacements for the ortho department in that episode. As for Jessica Capshaw‘s Arizona, I’m told she’s set to return to the set “very soon” from her real-life maternity leave, so you won’t have to go too long without her. Feel better? Great! Now here’s a “cozy” photo to make you worry all over again. Mwahahaha
Danica: Any juicy Mer-Der dish on Grey’s Anatomy?
In episode 11, somebody’s getting married on Grey’s Anatomy in a rushed, justice-of-the-peace-officiated, city hall wedding ceremony. Could Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) possibly be upgrading their Post-It wedding to legal status? Probably not, but hey, a fan can dream!

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  • Anonymous

    I want city hall too, and I know I’m dreamin’

  • Amb2kool

    i wonder who is getting married now? alex and april? (eww) mark and lexie? mark and callie? (I HOPE NOT!) callie and arizona? (i hope so!) if arizona is back by then.