Graceland Spoilers: New Targets, New Roomie and More In Season 2

Graceland - Season 1Why hello there, Graceland fans.

The sophomore season of the USA gritty drama is only months away and I bet you're in here for some wanted spoilers. So let's just jump on it, shall we?

TV Line exposed the upcoming new characters, three to be exact, we're bound to see hanging out with Mike and co. on Graceland. Some of which I feel a little shady about, FYI.

Check out their identities and dark secrets below:

For Season 2, the USA Network drama is casting the recurring roles of Kelly, an alcoholic who meets Briggs at AA (but has no idea of his link to her own tragic past), and Vera Walker, Mike’s new FBI supervisor… and perhaps more.

You’ll also meet Zagurski, the Fed now laying claim to Mike’s Graceland room – unless, that is, Mike can convince his new boss to let him return to the house and hunt down a very big fish.

To refresh you memory, here's a sneak peek of the series last season: