Trouble ahead for Gossip Girl's Mr. Chuck Bass!

I know all the recent Gossip Girl spoilers have been about Juliet, Serena, Colin, etc. But now, we've got some spoilers on what's coming up for Mr. Chuck Bass! Check them out and see what we can expect on the latter half of this season's Gossip Girl!

  • Russell Thorpe (played by Michael Boatman) is a former business partner of Chuck Bass's father and a "real estate tycoon" will be stopping by to cause havoc for Chuck Bass
  • His daughter, Raina (played by Tika Sumpter), will be accompanying her father to NYC as well
  • This father-daughter combo will most likely be appearing soon after Katie Cassidy finishes her multi-episode arc as Juliet Sharp in the latter half of the season in 2011

Source: Movieline