Gossip Girl Spoilers: Would it be ‘All Family Time’ for Chuck?

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March 30, 2012

Yes, you read that right. The sexy Upper East sider gent is reported to be sticking to his family roots all throughout this season. Looks like Team Chair is gonna have to quiet it out for sometime. Executive producer Joshua Safran tells us more:

“With Bart [Bass], since he died in season two, we brought him back as a ghost in flashbacks, so that’s in our wheelhouse,” he says. “With Jack [Bass], it’s fun to have Desmond, especially after last year when he and Chuck banded together and made their relationship as right as they could. It’s fun to have him back this year on Chuck’s side. And Chuck’s storyline very much is about family so that’s why you will be seeing more of Jack.”

Source: E! Online