Gossip Girl Spoilers: Will Serena Turn Against Her BFF Blair?

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Will Serena Turn Against Her BFF Blair?

The romance of Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey has been pervious to challenges that may come their way, either personally and socially. Thus making an evident statement that the couple is really trying to declare a solid commitment to each other despite their own share of shortcomings.

However, on the Upper East Side things don't really go the long haul. The two may be in cloud nine for now but the question is, for how long? I remember teasing about the next obstacle for Dan and Blair which clearly stated that it has NOTHING to do with Chuck. Moreover, it also stressed out the hint that maybe it will be Dan's prestigious offer in Rome which led us to believe that that's the only hindrance the two will face in the near future. That went pretty convincing for me as well.



"Blair and Serena’s friendship will be hanging by a thread when the season ends."

This is a statement spilled by TV Line as an addition to the whole premise of Dair's upcoming dilemma.

Now that there are two working theories in line, which one do you think can pull Dan and Blair apart?
The offer in Rome or Serena's derailment to her BFF's lovelife?

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Source: TV Line