Gossip Girl Spoilers: Will Dan Cave to Georgina's Darkness?

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Will Dan Cave to Georgina's Darkness?

Dan Humphrey is about to crack on Gossip Girl season 6. Pardon me for using the word 'crack' but I think every man who had his heart broken let alone be dumped for somebody else, has every right in the world to go through a rebellious stage. (Feel free to agree or disagree on that.)

Last season, Dan had to face the painful truth of all -- the love is his life is G-O-N-E. Blair Waldorf finally made a choice and it wasn't him. Obviously, that wasn't the end of the story. Dan may have been slightly miserable but our Brooklyn boy still got the smart moves. The secret meeting with Georgina Sparks on a limo is probably Dan's ultimate weapon of destruction when he rises back in season 6. Though details about this rendezvous was unclear at that time, cheer up 'cause we now have the dish!

Thanks to TV Line, they got an exclusive Q&A with Gossip Girl executive producers Sara Goodman and Stephanie Savage. Check out the details they spilled about Dan and Georgina as a team that will spread darkness on the UES!

When we left off, Dan was headed to Italy with Georgina.

  • SAVAGE | Dan definitely makes good on his plan and sets off with Georgina to Italy. But he comes back from overseas with something to spring on the Upper East Side.

How much of Georgina’s darkness will rub off on him?

  • GOODMAN | I like the dark, so I’m actually really excited about Dan this season. [Laughs] What might seem dark under Georgina is really just Dan finally claiming [his] power. He’s been dismissed by [the gang] for a long time and he’s realizing his power might lie in a different place. It’ll be a more hell-bent and darker Dan than we have necessarily seen, but I think it’s very in keeping with his character.

Source: TV Line