Gossip Girl Spoilers: Who Knows Diana Payne's Secret?

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Who Knows Diana Payne's Secret?

How do we even begin to describe the little works and ways of Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley)? Hmm. Devious? Manipulative? Secretive? Maybe. In one way or the other, she definitely had Nate up on his toes chasing her when she made her debut appearance on the current season's premier episode. We must all know for certain that behind 'all that' big, volumized hair tagged with her luscious vamp, there is something more juicy that calls the need for extraction on major, epic proportions.

We say epic because Josh Safran, executive producer of Gossip Girl himself enlightened us with this magnified agenda. Plus, we need not to expect only one, but TWO major disclosure of secrets.

Her main objective? Unmasking the real Gossip Girl! “That is definitely at the forefront of these episodes,” Josh says. “We will learn the secret that Gossip Girl has had on Diana.”

The second part of Diana’s plan? Taking back the reins at The Spectator – while also trying to steal Nate’s (Chace Crawford) heart!

All that and more on the 19th episode of Gossip Girl season 5 "It Girl, Interrupted" airs Monday on CW.

Source: TV Guide