Gossip Girl Spoilers: Who Is The Father of Blair’s Baby

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October 18, 2011

Catch the latest Gossip Girl Spoilers on who really is the father, Chair scene in episode 6 and little bit more.

  • In episode 6 of season 5, Chuck and Blair will share a scene together. Picture can be seen on here.
  • They will have a heart to heart and Chuck does apologize for something very important, but unfortunately for Chair fans, the scene does not have an outcome you’re hoping for.
  • Latest sources have told to Kristin from E! that Louis is definitely the baby daddy.
  • Spoilers Guide is not so sure though, Josh Safran said himself that we’ll finally learn who the baby daddy is in mid season and there’s also a reason why this envelope is still in Blair’s room right?
  • S.

     I also don’t know what to believe..

    1. Josh Safran said we find out who the father is in the frist half of the season, so is the truth out now, or is there still something coming?

    2. Blair kept the letter in her room..Either that Louis finds out on this was that Blair betrayed him, or she lied about who the father is..

    So still hoping it’s Charles Bass:) but to me they belong togehter anyway..

    No matter who the father is, she will lose the baby anyway, that’s obviously:(

    Wondering when Louis is going to leave, because he’s just a GUESTSTAR..


  • Smash

    What makes you so sure she’ll loose the baby?

  • Anonymous

    Thank god! I am so NOT a Chair fan! Blair and Louis are meant to be together!

  • S.

    Thank god, I’m such a Chair fan! And I’m really against Dair, but before she ends up with Louis, i would except nearly everything, even Dair…

    I mean come on, Louis!? The writers can’t be serious, there is absolute no chemistery between them…
    If i wouldn’t know they are a couple I would think they’re brother&sister or really good friends, but defenitive not in love..

  • Huddy

    I must also admit that I think she’ll lose the baby, because of the storylines with a baby..There are really not much stories that can be told with a baby, and Blair’s stories would be restricted on the long run…BUT I would appreciate a Chair baby, of course..even if i don’t think that’s gonna happen :)


    I need DAIR!  They are the best couple on t.v.! I just need Dan to be honest about his feelings and Blair to accept the fact that she can fall for Dan.

  • Lapaulitax

    I don’t know! i love charles bass! he’s awesome despite his evil side..
    i’m actually having the doubt if blair’s baby.. isn’t it of DAN. We only saw one kiss.. but since That moment, Blair trust much more in Dan, and then He wrote one hot scene in his novel, saying that they had sex… And blair told him that that never happended, but… they have a knowing look!! Why would be so interesting the Blair’s baby for him?
    I really have no idea, but I sow the doubt…
    I’m CHUCK&BLAIR fan. They belong to each other

  • http://profiles.google.com/onetreehillerin Erin Thompson

    I am 100 percent sure Dan or the prince is the father  of Blair unborn child

  • S.

    dan and blair had  NO sex, so he can’t be the father…they just kissed once, and all i know is that, that isn’t enough to have a baby…

    if D&B really had sex, Dan’s reaction wouldn’t have been so cool, as he got to know that Blair is pregnant…and he even asked her if she knows if Louis is the father or Chuck, so no way that he’s the father of her child..

  • M.

    Louis HAS to be the father, I love him!

  • Shany Jooste

    I HOPE IT IS CHUCK’S !!!!!!!

  • Shany Jooste

    I HOPE IT IS CHUCK’S !!!!!!!

  • anonymous :P

    OMG! i totally agree!