Gossip Girl Spoilers: What's The Next Obstacle for Dair?

Gossip Girl Spoilers: What's The Next Obstacle for Dair?

The team-up of Blair and Dan has finally arrived. Using the previous episodes as my reference, I see that the two are definitely trying to work-out and patch things up with their differences.

My evidence are as follows:

  • Who would forget their hotel room scene were they awkwardly gaze out from each other's vision just not to face the elephant in the room? Ofcourse by elephant I meant the lack of chemistry between them while they were doing the deed. The scene took off funny as expected but in the end of the episode they finally found the spark inside an elevator.
  • And how about on last week's episode were they painstakingly held on to each other while they were trying to find balance towards their social microcosm?

Now that they passed the test of chemistry and social pursuits, what's next for Dan and Blair?

Something is going to try to come between Dan and Blair soon…but that something isn't Chuck, who's kind of busy dealing with his mama drama.

E! Online teases this new challenge for Dair by saying only that much but I guess we already know what's there to catch. On the April 30th episode, "Raiders of the Art" -- Dan is offered a prestigious fellowship in Rome for the summer. There's also talk in recent weeks that Dan will make a sacrifice for Blair.

What do you think fellow Gossip Girl fans? Will love conquer all for Dan and Blair?

Source: E! Online