Gossip Girl Spoilers: What's Ahead For the Entire UES Crew?

Gossip Girl Spoilers: What's Ahead For the Entire UES Crew?

The CW's Gossip Girl just got back from their summer season hiatus and now that it's officially back and running, I'm sure all of you are dying to get the latest juice on the final, and intense season 6. So to begin with, perhaps you wouldn't mind if I give a little refresher course around the lives of the UES we've been following around like mad hawks the past six years.

Let's get started. (Spoilers on the way, read at your own risk!)

Serena van der Woodsen -- The damsel in distress of the UES.

Last season, S hit rock bottom -- Going through a rocky friendship with Blair, losing her identity as the one and only Queen Bee, and ultimately finding no man by her side. At that moment, she veered from reality and turned to her old love which is drugs with an added feature of a stranger.

This season, how are things looking up exactly?

  • Serena Sabrina will try to start fresh with an older man (7th Heaven's Barry Watson), who has a big secret of his own. When Serena's time off the grid begins to alarm her family, an apologetic Blair blows her cover, forcing her to return to NYC — where a new enemy is waiting to take Serena down.

Blair Waldorf -- The Princess in search of her knight

Oh Blair. How can I even begin with Miss Waldorf? Well, two things: Chuck and Dan. Need I say more?
The interminable, almost cul-de-sac dilemma of B bouncing back and forth from the arms of her two lovers on Gossip Girl was.. come on let's admit this once and for all shall we? Killer. Yep it was a killer and tragic, if I might add.

Not only that she led us to this whole fairy tale bogus she was pulling off with Dan but the bigger picture is, she just can't figure herself right as a woman and as a blossoming socialite. All in all, B was completely confused. She was struggling with her social status vis-a-vis with lonely boy hovering around her image. Bonus, after god knows how long the two of them dated and hooked up in an elevator, she still stands afloat between infatuation and the actuality of love.

In the end, not that we didn't even see it coming, Blair made the ultimate choice to admit that it's Chuck she was in-love with the entire time. And the rest is history for Dan, period.

In season 6, what now Blair?

  • Don't expect a lengthy "Chair" reunion, as Blair will put her focus squarely on running Waldorf Designs. The job will prove harder than it seems thanks to a ghost from Blair's past, but Blair's still's got a few surprises up her sleeve — or should we say, around her neck.

Chuck Bass -- Who am I?

Chuck Bass was on a scavenger hunt last season. When all things between him and Blair are postponed, he made it his mission to connect the missing dots on the Bass family tree of conspiracies. I'm sorry did that sound right? Why yes. I stand convicted on that one.

Moreover, after a series of left and right probing, pieces about Chuck's life began to paint a more cohesive picture before our eyes. His father, Bart Bass was still alive and Diana Payne fraud us to believe that she owned Chuck, biologically.

Well, like I said conspiracies. Meanwhile, the unshocking twist in Bass' existence centered on Blair last season. Confirming her love for him did not trigger his manly senses to dip Blair like a royal princess. In lieu, he pulled the plug on what was supposed to be their "last romantic hurrah" in the season ender. The reason? He wanted to be more of a man and arrange his perspectives in order in terms of handling his family's business. Well, that was his way of saying, "Not now, Blair."

What's ahead for Mr. Bass in season 6? Is he sticking to his guns?

  • In order to take back Bass Industries, Chuck must first figure out why his dad played dead all these years. The task will prove difficult considering his father's deep secrets — and even deeper pockets.

Nate Archibald -- The not-so Spectator

Upon his hopes of breaking the code behind the anonymity of Gossip Girl, Nate was more of a bystander last season. At most parts, we see him under Diana Payne's wicked shadows of lust and on his softer disposition, he's on the couch cuddling with Lola.

Still, his efforts aren't undermined. His connections with Diana still gave him the first access inside Serena's old Gossip Girl laptop. So we'll take it from there, shall we?

  • While Nate hopes to expose Gossip Girl once and for all and put The Spectator on the map, but he may not be able to hold on to the damning footage. Also look for Nate's love life to heat up with a new flame who has surprising connection to Serena.

Dan Humphrey -- Lonely boy forever

We all know that his pursuits on the romantic side of himself did not favor him exactly. So, in order to bounce back to the world that once betrayed him, Dan decided that it's time to go rogue. Dial G-E-O-R-G-I-N-A.

Here is what's next for lonely boy: (you better be happy this time, Dan. We beg!)

  • Dan will have trouble finding a publisher for his delicious novel, but he will find a helping hand from an old friend from the Upper East Side who also stands to benefit from the book's publication.

That's a wrap! See you guys in the comments!

Source: TV Guide