Gossip Girl Spoilers: What Awaits Blair and Serena In Upcoming Episodes

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January 18, 2012

Ausiello from TV Line had a little chat with Gossip Girl’s exec producer Josh Safran. He shared a few spoilers on Blair and Serena in season 6. Enjoy.

The new man to come between Chuck and Blair is… God?

Religion has always been a part of Blair’s life. She went to confession as far back as Season 1. Even though she didn’t fully believe in it, she was there. We really did believe, especially in light of what has happened to Blair after the accident, that she feels even more strongly about this connection and this pull. It’s something that we’re not shying away from. It’s something that producers will delve into in future episodes.

Serena is starting to feel like a guest star on Gossip Girl. What gives?

Last season was very much about Serena. That was the way we sort of looked at it. She had Juliet last year and that was the big driving story. This year we gave Blair the big driving story. And next season — if there is a next season — I would imagine the driving story, should it be the last season, will be the two of them and their friendship.