Gossip Girl Spoilers: Video Evidence That [SPOILER] Dies!

MAJOR spoilers on the way Upper East Siders!

If you don't want to ruin your weekly Gossip Girl routine on your couch and your ever comforting bag of chips, then I must warn you.. Stay away from this post!

However, if you realize that you can be an adult once and for all just like B., then let's get started.

First up, the scene was shot in a rooftop of a building in Wall Street and Chuck, Blair and Bart are on board. And just to give you a heads up, this 9-minute video below contains the shocking death of Bart Bass!

Now the narrative --
On the video, Chuck is seen rehearsing a struggle which will result in him putting off his father (Bart) away from him. So far away that Bart ends up gripping the edge of the building and then falls of the edge!

Then, Chuck and Blair ran off terrified.

The video is a little long but I marked up the exact time for your convenience. (Your welcome!) The scene happens in 4:00 minutes onwards. Go ahead and buffer the clip now!

Mirror (in case the one above it not loading):

Looks like Chuck just killed his father. Is this the reason why he's going to get arrested on his wedding in the finale? Submit your predictions in the comments!

Stay tuned for more huge Gossip Girl spoilers!

Source: youtube