Gossip Girl Spoilers: Unexpected Dan & Blair Scoop!

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Unexpected Dan & Blair Scoop!

Surprised? I bet you are. Gossip Girl season 6 is really voluming up with explosive reports with the premiere only weeks away. If you're skeptical about this news don't be, because it is in FACT about Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf.

TV Line discovered that the two formerly broken up lovers will be crossing another's path again in season 6. Although we don't want to start an early speculation, it seems to me that this sudden turn or twist from the whole Dair and Chair debacle could definitely demand tons of awkward, eerie moments. Without further adieu, check out what the report told us!

Dan’s going to need a place to crash when he returns home from Europe (and staying at the Humphrey loft in Brooklyn will not be an option, for reasons that will become clear in the premiere). Blair, meanwhile, lives in a huge apartment with plenty of spare bedrooms.

See what I mean? All of a sudden they will become roomies?
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Source: TV Line