Gossip Girl Spoilers: The Creators Speak-Up on ‘Foilers’

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October 30, 2012

With the ocean of spoilers leaked from the final shooting days of Gossip Girl, a lot of fans are dying to know the real deal. Will there be an actual wedding? How bout little Henry, is he just a diversion to throw obsessed papparazi away? The creators of the show have finally spoken up! All that and more in a scoop from E! Online, check it out below —

“There’s so many spoilers out there right now that I really feel like I Can’t talk about it!” Stephanie Savage tells E!, though she confirms that there are either flashbacks or flash-forwards in the final hour.

As for Josh Schwartz, his lips were also sealed (“There’s a lot that’s already out there unfortunately, and I will leave it at that!”) but did tell us that the show did take steps to throw people (including the pesky paparazzi) off. Translation: Don’t believe everything you hear and see!

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