Gossip Girl Spoilers: Season 6 Premiere ‘Chair’ & ‘Serenate’ Scoop!

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October 1, 2012

EW gave us a couple of spoilers to enjoy while we wait for the season 6 premiere of Gossip Girl.

Chuck and Blair Scoop

  • For old time’s sake, there’s a Chuck and Blair scene in a limo in the Oct. 8 premiere. But I won’t say what goes down.

A blind item encircling Serena/Nate, Chuck/Blair or Serena/Blair. Can you point us to the right pair?

  • One of these pairs is on the worst terms they’ve ever been by the end of the premiere episode. And by the second episode, another pair will be connected in a completely unexpected (and, some might argue, twisted) way.

Source: EW