Gossip Girl Spoilers: Season 6 Finale Last Scene Unveiled! — Photo

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December 16, 2012

Ow em! Tomorrow will be the “day” for all of us UESiders! And we’re bringing you you one last spoiler bomb under our Gossip Girl season 6 finale coverage. (Heads up, ’cause this a major one!)

Courtesy of E! Online, the very last and ultimate scene of the popular teen drama has now been unveiled and I’m just so psyched to share it with y’all! The photo (below) showing Dan and Chuck from season one will be the major flashback reports have been teasing about. (Oh yes.. you are not hallucinating, Dan did shave his head for this one!)

E! Online has spoken to one of the showrunners of the show and she shared the statement below –

“It was actually really awesome. I had the idea for the flashback, but the only way I felt it would remotely work is if Dan had his first-episode hair or else it’s hard to sell it as a flashback. But how hard would it be to sell Penn on cutting his hair? I was telling this to our costume designer and he said, ‘Just the other day Penn said when the show was over, he wants to cut all his hair off.’ I said I would do whatever humanly possible to make sure that was his last scene. It ended up not only being his last scene but Blake [Lively], Leighton [Meester], Chace [Crawford] and Ed’s last scenes, too. They all stuck around for each other’s coverage, we brought out a cake, it was really a great last moment for all of them. It was the perfect way to wrap them off.”

What do you think Gossip Girl fandom? Are you pleased to know that teen versions of Chuck and Dan will cover the final minutes of our UES obsession?

  • Emmcee47

    That means it was the last scene FILMED not the last scene of the episode. The last scene filmed for a show/movie is hardly ever the last one that will be seen when it plays.

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    If you read the first sentence it says, the last and ultimate scene has been unveiled. So I think it IS the actual last scene, which would be fitting as the show started with them as teenagers and it should end in the same fashion. This will probably be when we find out who GG is too.

  • Emmcee47

    Right, the author of the article says “last and ultimate scene”. The E! Insider/showrunner never says that this is the last and ultimate scene of the show, they said it was PENN’s last scene, as in last scene filmed. It was probably done for continuity purposes so they wouldn’t have to film any more scenes with Dan’s mop hair afterward. I could be wrong, but it still sounds like whoever wrote this post just jumped to conclusions.

  • Emmcee47

    Even if you look at the E! Online link, it says last scene ever SHOT, not last scene of the episode.

  • Emmcee47

    The author of the article wrote “last and ultimate scene”, not the source. My point is that whoever wrote this misconstrued what the source was saying. This is probably not from the last scene of the episode.

  • Author

    Hey guys, I just want to once and for all set the record straight here. Please follow the link below and read the post before we make any further claims. Thanks! — Author

    “Word is, the final scene is a flashback to the beginning of time, at least on the UES, and also features Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) in that scarf we thought maybe got run over by a vengeful limo driver on the spin-off that never happened. ”


  • Shell863

    “The site got ahold of a picture from the last scene ever shot for the show, and it features the shorn-headed Penn Badgley (Dan) who we previously thought had shaved his head after the show wrapped.”