Gossip Girl Spoilers: Rufus and Lily Gets Intimate, Are They Back Together?

In Gossip Girl season 6, do you wish to see Rufus and Lily get back together or do you think they both deserve someone better? Check out this latest update about the recently separated couple and let us know your take.

Rufus Humphrey was reported earlier to become a man-cougar with the means of Ivy Dickens as the ultimate benefactor. (If you haven't read it yet, check it out now)

Meanwhile, in Lily's case, we assume that she and William must have been enjoying each other's reunion -- since we haven't really heard much from their relationship the past few weeks. Until this time that an insider from Gossip Girl revealed photos of Rufus and Lily having a conversation on a park. And if it could make things any better, the images divulged actions from the ex-couple getting a little chummy.

The return of Gossip Girl season 6 premieres on October 8, Monday on the CW.

Source: youknowyouloveme