Gossip Girl Spoilers: Now that Dair is official, Will the Magic “three words, eight letters” Comes Next?

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April 19, 2012

The advent of Dair which was set in motion on season 5 episode 20 “Salon of the Dead” — didn’t go well as expected, apparently. The newly-single and free from the halls of divorce Blair Waldorf wanted an extravagant coming-out party for her and her new man, Dan Humphrey. They planned every detail from the food, the wine, and the theme. But only to her dismay, it was rather unsuccessful.

The episode brought to light the couple’s unbalanced share of social acceptance in New York. Obviously, Blair was the one dominating Dan, pulling him off from his own “Brooklyn” self. Then father Humphrey shed some light making Dan stress out some “balancing” points to Blair. Hence, the couple agreed.

Although there was a mutual understanding, not to mention the drunken elevator kissing and the “you’re-still-a-princess surprise” of Dan, do we think that the two are now all set to say the magic three words, eight letters to each other?

According to TV Line‘s Michael Aussielo,

“One of them will. The other one won’t be quite ready to go there.”

Why not?? Well, we can only make up a list of indefinite theories. Maybe this and maybe that, he-said-she-said arguments, and etc. But for what it’s worth, atleast the two are trying.

What’s your own theory about this? Share it now. Feel free to comment below!

Source: TV Line

  • :D

    I think Dan would definitely be the one to say it because, c’mon he’s been in love with Blair for over a year. Blair won’t be quite so ready, not because of any gossip girl drama, i think more because those three words were like pulling teeth with Chuck and when it did happen, their relationship was so volatile that it almost destroyed her. Then with Louie, love came easy and that was also a big mistake. I think it’ll be harder for Blair to say ‘I love you’ to Dan not because she’s not falling hardcore for Dan (2 words: MET steps) but because she’s wary, and doesn’t want to get hurt again until she knows for absolute certainty this is what she wants and what Dan wants, and that Dan won’t hurt her like everyone else has.

  • guest

    I think Dan is going to say it first, and Blair won’t be able to answer because I have a feeling she still has some feelings for Chuck.

  • Pinkgirlleto

    i believe that the one who’s going to say it will be Dan because he’s more sure about his feelings about Blair but on the other hand we know that Blair isn’t ready yet to say goodbye to her big love which is Chuck. . .

  • Aretip

    i totally agree with you
    chair is the true love
    i really love dan and i hope in the end he will be with serena