Gossip Girl Spoilers: Major Details of Season 6 Finale -- Synopis

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Major Details of Season 6 Finale -- Synopis

As promised, we will not cease from catering you guys with only the official spoilers that taps our way. That said, we have a quick follow up on this other finale scoop.

We learned from Cosmopolitan Television a detailed and definitely unambiguous synopsis of the swan song episode of Gossip Girl. (Please note that we are Spoilers Guide and anything that you read after this statement will be irrevocable. So consider this a HUGE warning, please read at your own risk.) :) 

  • Chuck and Blair decide to hide in a hotel of the city while they try to find a solution to their situation. In the meantime, Chuck’s uncle appears as their guardian angel to save them.
  • Jack proposes to them get married so the police won’t obligate Blair to testify against her husband. Chuck proposes to her, she say yes immediately and the organization of a clandestine wedding starts.
  • In the meantime, Dan gives to Nate his final chapter. Is about Gossip Girl.
  • Finally, everything is ready for the wedding but two teenagers (mini Blair and mini Serena) nearby the place, see Blair and Serena, so they report their location to the police.
  • The wedding starts and the police is listened closer. Everybody’s cell phones start to ring. Is it a GG’s blast? No. It’s from The Spectator with shocking news. GG’s identity is finally revealed.

For more photos from the finale, please follow this link.

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