Gossip Girl Spoilers: Major 'Chair' Event Exposed! --Photos

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Major 'Chair' Event Exposed! --Photos

Warning: This Gossip Girl season 6 spoilers post contains a major revelation about Chuck and Blair, read at you own risk!

I see that you're all geared up, so then let's roll!

A few days ago, while flipping through a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos within the glamorous realm of Manhattan -- the internet fan base of Gossip Girl have grown increasingly concerned for the constant absence of Chuck Bass from the set of photos. They wondered, is Chuck leaving us and Blair heartbroken on the final season? Fine, I'll say it -- Is Mr. Chuck Bass dying in season 6?

Sorry, I'm afraid he is.

*Kidding! Totally. I'm Just trying to unleash the Chair tension building up inside you!

Now that you're all relaxed, here comes the good news -- Not only that Chuck is NOT D-E-A-D, a couple of photos were leaked that sorta tell us that Blair Waldorf won't be Miss Waldorf anymore by the end of this season. Without further adieu, here are the photos as promised. Don't drop your jaws too long, alright?


Seems like Chuck and Blair will get their fairy tale ending, afterall. 'Til next time, please stay tuned for more.

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