Gossip Girl Spoilers: There’s a Kiss Coming Up

We have some interesting Gossip Girl spoilers to share with you today, involving Dan and Serena, and a mysterious kiss that is coming soon! Courtesy of TV Line's Ask Ausiello column.

  • Serena will channel her inner thespian and pretend to bury the hatchet with her ex in an effort to get him to sign over the movie rights. Dan will see right through it, though. Blake Lively is a terrific actress; Serena, not so much.

  • There’s a kiss coming up. A kiss that will whip a certain passionate ‘shipper base into a frenzy. A kiss that will have office watercoolers buzzing for weeks to come. A kiss so hot it’s followed by a [spoiler alert]!

  • Spoilers Guide reckons it will involve Blair.