Gossip Girl Spoilers: Is Sage Ever Going To Leave Serena and Blair Alone?

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November 13, 2012

Gossip Girl Tuesday spoilers ahead people! How are you hating Sage so far???

The new hurdle getting in between the friendship of Serena and Blair is no other than the Queen WannaBe, Sage. Amidst her mission to bring down whatever she wants to bring down from Serena, apart from derailing Blair’s fashion show, is clearly becoming a routine conflict in Gossip Girl fashion. If you don’t know her well, she’s just the typical teenage rebellious girl who wakes up, puts on her ‘fedora” and plans to wreak havoc among the people around her — because she believes it’ll make her way cooler. Come on, really, how many other girls have gone down that road on Gossip Girl?

Anyway, clearly, Sage is not plotted to become a fan favorite. That’s why more people from the GG fandom are asking, “When is Sage going to disappear?” To answer that, here’s the exclusive scoop we nabbed from EW!

Good news is coming your way sooner than you think regarding Nate’s little SHE-tus. The big question: Will her exit bring Serena and Blair closer together or tear them further apart?

How bout an advanced Hurray for her departure??

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