Gossip Girl Spoilers: How Will Dan’s Book Affect The Entire UES?

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October 30, 2012

In an interview with THR, showrunner Sara Goodman teased the trajectory of Dan’s scandalous book which will expose the most kept secrets of the Manhattan elites. With the help of the Spectator publishing lonely boy’s weapon of ultimate chagrin, how massive will this affect our favorite UESiders? Find out what the EP told the report below!

Dan as a power player is going to affect everybody. The way that we’re doing the chapters is a character at a time, so each chapter will be a character. Some episodes it will be there, some episodes it won’t. And of course, there will be twists and turns within that. But how he’s releasing it is chapter by chapter of characters. The fallout, unlike his original book, where he didn’t use real names, it keeps building with each chapter that comes out.

‘Gossip Girl’ airs every Monday on the CW.