Gossip Girl Spoilers: EP Sara Goodman Talks Final Waves of Gossips --"everyone will be very satisfied."

Gossip Girl Spoilers: EP Sara Goodman Talks Final Waves of Gossips --"everyone will be very satisfied."

When Gossip Girl is under the subject of spoilers, it's always best to hear it from the creative minds behind it. Fellow Upper East Siders, let's take it from the fountainhead of the wicked scandals that Gossip Girl has been divulging to all of us the past six seasons -- Exec. Producer and showrunner, Sara Goodman.

On the final wave of the CW hit teen series, what had been keeping the EP busy? Where are we leading exactly on the finale? And ultimately, who the hell is Gossip Girl?

(Keep reading for the interview with Sara Goodman courtesy of TV Fanatic.)

Can you say there’s an overall arc for the season? I mean, maybe it’s just getting everybody do a happily ever after or what is an arc, I guess, for these final episodes?

I think we have a couple of themes this season. The first of which is, in the pilot, Nate and Chuck had this scene where they talked about are they just going to turn into their parents and so that is absolutely, kind of, dramatically one of things that we’re talking about. We’ve taken these kids from high school and they’re adults now, and so, who are they going to be? Where are they going to be? Who can survive on the Upper East Side and who doesn’t belong here at all? Those kinds of things are absolutely where we are going this season.

I’ve seen Serena with so many different suitors over the years but I kind of like her with Barry Watson. I really was surprised that was kind of a nice thing, at least in the first two episodes. Can you kind of talk a little bit about that relationship and if it’s going to be a good one for Serena.

We tried to give [Serena] an adult love interest and Barry Watson, he’s an adult, he doesn’t play games. He’s not in that world, and he has no interest in it either, and he’s divorced, he’s a real grown up and so Serena is going to have a chance to be in a real grown up relationship, and I think that we’ll see if that works or not for her.

Do you kind of feel like everybody has to be romantically paired up by the end of the series? Is that like a mandate or can our characters be left on their own?

No, I mean, was everyone paired up by the time they’re twenty-something? No. I don’t think it is. I think that if it makes sense in the mythology of our show and where the characters are, then that’s where we went, but I think we also had other things that we were trying to achieve.

For Dan, with the book, in terms of this book and using people’s real names… Dan’s really stepping into a different kind of power this year on the Upper East Side and if that has to do with the love relationship or not, I guess we’ll have to see, but that’s a different journey. The same thing with Blair stepping into Waldorf Designs and Chuck really needing his father once and for all. What we really tried to focus on is who they’re going to become as well the relationships that there should be.

How long is Georgina sticking around? Because I know when she’s there things always stir up.

For the rest of the season.

Any other guest stars? We have Barry Watson coming in, but any other kind of big names coming in that we haven’t seen before on the show?

No, like we’ve a lot of cameos this season with Blair’s fashion stuff, we have some really good cameos, but we really tried not to bring in a lot of guest stars. We really wanted to focus these last season on core characters and do the multi-generational stories again that we did in the first season, and so we really tried to keep it within our family.

Now, Gossip Girl, I’m going to say herself, even though it’s still a mystery for all we know, is there going to be any big reveal there? Are we going to get a happy ending or a crazy ending for Gossip Girl?

You know, I’m not allowed to tell what we’re doing, yet, about Gossip Girl, but I will say that I think that everyone will be very satisfied.

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