Gossip Girl Spoilers: Details on the 2-Hour Finale!

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November 7, 2012

A major detail about the finale of Gossip Girl titled “New York, I Love You XOXOX” was shared by E! Online. Don’t worry so far there’s no news about another character getting axed, so for the interim, you may continue breathing calmly. Kidding aside, the spoilers I was excited to share involves a flash forward and a cliffhanger. Which one are you rooting for?

As you ponder on that, get the complete scoop below we grabbed from E! –

The Gossip Girl finale is two parts: 609 ends with a cliffhanger, then 610. Over the two episodes, there is a dream sequence, a flashback and a flash-forward—maybe more than one of each.

The season sixth finale of Gossip Girl airs on Dec. 17th, Monday on the CW.

  • Kami

    A dream sequence? oh no… :( I know what it will be – Dan’s and Serena’s wedding. I ‘ve been really hoping that they’ll end up together. It was because of them I started watching GG. But now, knowing about this dream… And the fact that they showed us pictures with S in her wedding dress… Please, let her at least not to be with Nate…