Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dan Humphrey and Sexy Italians in Season 6!

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July 11, 2012

Yes, you got that right. Gossip Girl is recruiting another nationality after the earlier news of casting the French. This time, prepare your accents and saaay, Ciao! The lonely boy Dan is afterall going to push-through with his writing endeavor in Europe. After you know, getting dumped by Blair.

Word on the street is that Casting Networks is currently on the look for Caucasians who can pull some Italian moves fit with the whole Gossip Girl shebang. Here goes the details:

1. Caucasian males and females age 18-40 who are able to act super Italian.
2. Caucasian females age 18-25 who should be a “model type” Italian.
3. A caucasian male age 18-25 who can play a young, hot, Italian farmhand. Bike riding skills a plus!

Sounds like ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ to me. The Upper East is getting way diversified! Pretty exciting, huh? Americans meet French mixed with the spicy Italians. Hot! Pour your comments now!

Source: Casting Networks

  • ventyy

    im 18 and italian. i should try LOL