Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck Will Be Present at Blair’s Royal Wedding

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December 8, 2011

The Gossip Girl’s 100th episode, which airs January 30., will not only feature Blair’s wedding, but plenty of surprises and rewards for faithful viewers. Here are spoilers:

  • This is the biggest episode yet since the pilot.
  • The title is “G.G.”’ as in the movie Gigi.
  • There will be a big dance sequence in which “we were all dressed as people who are not ourselves”, Blake Lively shared a spoiler.
  • Penn Badgley said that on wedding day, “Dan has a role to play that is not conventional” … and that once viewers find out what it is, “There will be a lot of gasping.
  • There’s currently a casting going on for main cast lookalikes.
  • Chuck is present at Blair’s royal wedding on Jan. 30., we can all assume that he survives the car wreck.

That’s all for now. Make sure you watch the promo for January 16. episode is case you haven’t already.

  • S.

    After this last episode, I really can not imagine what has torn Chuck&Blair apart again…?
    GG has a lot of explanation to do…I can’t imagine what reason she has to marry Louis, so I’m really excited what happens in the 100th episode…

    …and still thinking that Blair&Chuck will somehow find their way back AGAIN!!

  • Guest

    what if chuck comes back as a ghost at the wedding? this is making  me nervous

  • Lei286

    “Chuck is present at Blair’s royal wedding on Jan. 30., we can all assume that he survives the car wreck.”


  • Hirakhan01

    maybe chuck goes into a coma and blair decides to stick to louis? then he shows up at the wedding.. who knows. i really hope she becomes blair bass, otherwise im done with this show

  • Angiiebabyy

    I agree completely!

  • Dair!

    I think Blair either feels she needs to marry Louis (because she probably lost her child, and sees it as a sign that she and Chuck shouldn’t be together) or Chuck somehow convinces her to marry him.
    And he may show up at the wedding unplanned (and Blair has second thoughts, which explains why she’s running)
    but we all know she won’t marry Louis…and if she does, the marriage won’t last. viewers demand Chair (which is unfortunate, since i’ve turned into a Dair shipper :|)

  • ChairLoverDairHater

    Dair?! Really? Dan is like a ghost of himself this season. He’s turned dark and sad… no wonder he likes Blair. But she’s NOT his true love. His love is someone who brings out the good in him. Not to mention that fact that Blair has literally no interest in him at all. She is Chuck’s and Chuck is her’s. It is what it is. Dan said it best in “Riding with Town Cars…” 
    Blair: I haven’t even spoken to Chuck!Dan: You don’t have to, you two have some strange forcefield effect on eachother. Physicists should study it.

  • …..

    DAIR<3…. Down with Chair!

  • Zoja

    I have this strange feeling Blair will make “a deal with God” -something like I will marry Louis if Chuck wake up; and Chuck will wake up before they get married and Dan will stop the wedding or Louis will tell her that she should be with Chuck…. I know, it´s LAME but I really don´t see explanation for why the hell would B leave Chuck

  • Sya1123

    Maybe Chuck survives with memory loss and goes back to his old ways so Blair decides to let sleeping dogs lie and supress her feelings and goes back guiltily to Loius, she will prob lose the baby, and on the Wedding day chuck will remember and come to stop the wedding, and we will be left until next season to see who Blair choses, if she said “I do” or not… I love Chuck, it better be him! Or actually they did say above that Chuck will be at the wedding, but they didn’t say anything about Louis… maybe Blair is marrying CHUCK. Or maybe he dies and comes back as a ghost and then I will stop watching gg forever…..

  • Dair-<3

    I reckon it’s a hoax as there’s been a cast call for lookalikes, maybe she’s pretending to marry at a posh hotel to escape the paparazzi but ends up marrying chuck or running off with him instead

  • alwaysandforever

    i don’t think that’s gossip girl style

  • alwaysandforever

    if it didn’t say “royal wedding” i’d think it was chuck who was marrying blair… now i’m really excited to see why the hell blair didn’t break up with louis, and how she and chuck will get back together (it’s obvious that they will eventually)

  • camou

    thats what i thought was going to happen!

  • Wwx

    Chuck is present at Blair’s royal wedding on Jan. 30., we can all assume that he survives the car wreck.

  • wefhjigeeg

    the big dance sequence has already been revealed; basically serena becomes marilyn munroe and sings diamonds are a girls best friend, and the other male characters dance with her, then dan finds blair (who is audrey hepburn from breakfast at tiffany’s) and runs off with her, leaving serena on her own, showing how dan loves blair more than her

  • Lindsay Hall

    I disagree. Dan acted like he did because he couldn’t be with Blair, not because she brings out the worst in him. Anyway, in the latest episode he was able to get over his feelings and give her up because he loved her. I think this shows her bringing out the best in him.

    Maybe she doesn’t love him, but she could and even if they never get together, at least Dan loved her enough to make her happy. I am a dair fan, but I wouldn’t be upset to see her end up with Chuck. I love his character and their relationship just as much. I just hope she doesn’t end up with Louis. That would sicken me.

  • Anonymous

    What the F! Chuck’s gonna be present at Blair and annoying Prince of Monaco’s Royal Wedding? Oh God! I JUST REALLY hope Bass is there to do something to stop the wedding or make Blair realize that she doesn’t need LOUIS and that she SHOULD be with him, CHUCK instead! As chuck said to Blair in the previous episode, “I’m gonna love your baby as much as I love you!”

  • Anonymous

    lol say what? fucking Mother Chucker Basshole as a GHOST? NAH! that’s crazy! the viewers are gonna so literally kill the writers of the show if that happens!

  • Libbykarel

    chuck could be their in a spiritual sort of way. Not physical. who knows but I am mad that she is getting married to louis  its not what should have happend

  • Lobstrob

    Isn’t she carrying those flowers Chuck loves? There is another pic where she walks down the aisle absolutely happy+relaxed. I think she marries Chuck 

  • Cinna

    I agree 100 percent. If it’s not Chuck & Blair it’s not right! 

  • Cinna

    AGREED! Chuck & Blair (Chair) Just sounds right because it is right! WTF is a Dair! Never going to happen EVER! And if it does I’m so done with GG as will so many others(; Chuck&Blair<3333

  • Cinna

    Down with Chair?? Buhhh Chuck & Blair are meant to be. Unlike Dair which is NEVER going to happen!! Thank Gawd! CHUCK AND BLAIR FOR LIFE<33333

  • Cinna

    I agree. I could see that happening for sure though. But, what I do know is that C and B will end up together! Chair<333333

  • Cinna

    I have all the faith in the world that Blair will not end up marrying Louie. And that Dan and Blair will not end up together. Really Dair? Not happening shall I take you back to all the prior seasons to show you the hate-rad they have for one and other? This is not Kindergarten GG would not pull something so immature like a Elementary school puppy dog love. I know in my heart that Chuck and Blair (Blair and Chuck) will end up together. Married? I hope so. It has always been Chuck for Blair and It has always been Blair for Chuck. There is no other option here. Chair is the end game. The now game. The always and forever game.