Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck and Blair Reunites, But With A Catch?

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck and Blair Reunites, But With A Catch?

The revelation of Diana Payne's secret on last week's episode regarding her biological relation to Chuck Bass stunned us all. This was due to Lola's persistence to bring down Serena as Gossip Girl which ended up pretty messy and just all over the place. (I know, talk about social suicide for Miss Payne!) Furthermore, the disclosure of secret was made live on Gossip Girl which ofcourse took a toll on Diana.

Ofcourse that leaves us to the question: Do you think that after that incident she can still live-up to her title as "Mother of all Secrets" on the Upper East? Well, she can run but she definitely can't hide.


As it happens, Chuck's newly introduced Mama Diana has even more secrets to reveal -- And this one has to do with Jack Bass. E! Online spills that in order to uncover the truth, the elite group of Upper East Siders which will compose of Chuck, Nate, Blair, Serena and even Lola will join force.

Sounds exciting for a reunion huh? Especially that Lola will be lending a hand, how will this pack of socialites work their magic? I'm guessing Serena will take advantage of her Gossip Girl throne to defeat their foe. (Just a little theory, whats yours?)

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Source: E! Online