Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck and Blair Hangs Out Overseas?

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May 5, 2012

A photo of Chuck and Blair sitting side by side on a blackjack table has been highly teased and spoiled all over Gossip Girl’s widening fan site on the internet. Although the image speaks a thousand theories, the location of the spot was not revealed — at that time.

Now that the series finale is just around the corner, E! Online spoils us with some juicy details about the casino themed happening..

Something about Chuck and Blair would be great. What about the return of the ring?
A highly placed show insider tells us fans should take the event Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester attended on April 27, the grand opening of Harry Winston’s new store in Shanghai, as a major Gossip Girl finale clue. Hmmm…

What and why the two went solo, that’s what we have to find out! Catch Gossip Girl, Mondays on the CW.

Source: E! Online

  • S.

     OMG! Does this mean there’s a CHAIR reunion coming up? Can’t barely think about it.

  • Andy Ass

    Please no Chair.
    Its Dair time!

  • Jessicamarie

    Hopefully something happens because Im not so much into the show now that Dan and Blair are together, I can go a few weeks without watchin then catch up when before I was right on the ball. LOL

  • Chairlove

    oh pliz there is NOONE ELSE for Blair than Chuck anyone who knows gossip girl knows this….this is getting boring seriously,if the idsgusting Dair facade continues next season is soo dead i know i definately wont watch.Chair is gossip girl.

  • Chairlove

    thts why ur an ARSE by the way

  • Andy Ass

    And thats why you can only get a chair to make love to you.

  • courney

    AHHHH CHAIR <3333 hope everything works out! there the only reason why im still watching!

  • Juuls

    “Question: There have been a few spoilers going around about the Gossip Girl season finale having something to do with Monaco and a casino. Can you shed any light on that? —AlexxAusiello: I guess one more scoop wouldn’t hurt. Without naming the exact location, I can confirm that a portion of the finale is set overseas. I can also confirm that at least one of these characters will be traveling to the destination in question: Chuck, Serena, Blair, Dan.
    Source: TVLine”

  • Uila

    If Chuck and Blair don’t end up together, I honestly give up on this show.