Gossip Girl Spoilers: Bolder Moves From Serena in Season 6?

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July 4, 2012

On the finale episode of Gossip Girl season 5, we last saw Serena with two of the most dangerous things an Upper East Sider can have: a stranger and drugs. Obviously, Serena felt lost among her friends and family. And along with that absence of affection, she feels that her spark had also deteriorated.

All in all, Serena has decided to go dark, again. So, this fall what should we expect from S? Will she choose to be more audacious?

Things are looking up for the drug-addled, friendless basket case that is Serena: I’m hearing she’ll be getting a major new love interest for the sixth and final season — one with the potential to sweep her off her feet and ride her… off into the sunset. What did you think I was going to say?

Source: TV Line

  • S.

    Don’t want a NEW love interest for S. I want her to be with NATE.
    SERENATE forever!! <3

  • Derenaforever

    No matter how many new loves serena has she will always love dan because he was her first love and her last. She always had new loves like nate,ben,aaron,colin she always coming back to dan !i know that she will do the same in season 6!! Like chuck said to her:You dont give up on the people you love
    !!! I know she wont!!DERENA FOREVER!!!!!????