Gossip Girl Spoilers: Another Crazy Incident To Occur!

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Another Crazy Incident To Occur!

Heads up fellow Upper East Siders, 'cause another breaking spoilers just came in. What do they have for us this time?? Nothing much, per se, just another incident that involves a tragedy. You know, the usual GG bomb that the show's execs drop on our doorsteps.

How bout we get down to business shall we?

According to E! Online, apart from the recently rumored plane crash which will end the life of a major character, one more tragic incident is also on the way. Tsk tsk tsk.

But wait.. Apparently, the news is tied with a catch. The said impending incident is likely similar with what happened in the early run of ABC's Revenge. Now, don't raise your eyebrows yet, here's the rest of the spoilers, I'll see you in the comments for your predictions! --

In addition to said plane crash on the CW hit, we can confirm another crazy incident will occur, one so crazy that we won't dare spoil, but we can tease it's similar to a tragedy that happened early on during season one of Revenge. And it will happen to one of the core five cast members!

'Gossip Girl' airs every Monday on the CW.