Gossip Girl Spoilers: Pictures from the set!

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February 24, 2010

People has gotten a hold of a couple of pictures from the set and spoilers from the GG executive producer herself, Stephanie Savage! Check them out and see what we can expect when Gossip Girl returns in March!

Savage says that the audience will finally get to see the “fairy tale” come together now that the “golden couple” has paired up. I don’t know about you guys but from that picture, I can tell: Nate and Serena definitely have it going on!

As for Chuck, he fixates on that woman he saw by his father’s grave and spends the next episode (“The Hurt Locket”) trying to track her down. As we can tell from the picture, he does finally get a hold of her and demands information on her ties to his father and his mother. Savage divulges that this information will spurn an emotional storyline for Chuck that “brings him and Blair closer than ever.”

Source: People