Gossip Girl Season 6 Update: When Will We Know For Sure?

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May 10, 2012

The CW’s Gossip Girl is still waiting in the dark for a season 6 renewal. With only a few days left before the finale, the network hasn’t made any official announcements yet. However, the fact that it’s already nerve-wracking to watch Gossip Girl and not know if it will be the last or not, a recent update came to light.

TV by the numbers revealed that the major TV networks will have their meetings regarding which shows to cancel or renew beginning May 15 until May 17. For the case of the CW, however, the meeting happens in May 17th — a three day break after Gossip Girl’s finale airing.

Like I said before, our Upper East Siders are seriously facing a critical phase. Let’s just hope that the odds favor our side.

Don’t forget to catch the finale of Gossip Girl season 5 episode 24 “The Return of the Ring”, airing May 14th on the CW.

  • Apolo

    it’s been already said….. gossip girl return to a half/six/final season of 11 episodes

  • Guest

    Rumoured it will return for half season not officially confirmed

  • Beth Mottishaw

    noooooooo. This can not happen. This will ruin myself! When chuck Bass goes, I go too

  • Adam Sutcliffe

    <3 Chuck Bass. He is my inspiration. Please don't let him go! Please keep gossip girl going. 

    p.s. blair waldorf, call me maybe?

  • Aegr

    Go Gossip Girl!!! I can’t live without it!! Please go on!!