Gossip Girl Season 6 -- Happening or Not?

Gossip Girl Season 6 -- Happening or Not?

The previous update about the future of Gossip Girl season 6 gave fans a bit of security. This was due to the statement given by executive producers that they are not writing the current fifth season as the last of the CW series.

The CW network was very clear that ratings is a force to be reckoned with -- relying the future of the show based on its performance by the numbers. Clearly, if the show remains steady with its below par number of veiwers, the shoretened season 6 will be inevitable. Unfortunately, the series remains to be on the bubble.

On a very recent update made by the CW, an announcement was made this week about signing up for another season of The Vampire Diaries, 90210, and Supernatural. With only a few episodes left before the finale, Gossip Girl is on a very crucial stage momentarily. Not only because it hasn't been renewed officially but talks about CW has made a likely commitment to superhero-themed newbie Arrow for fall, which means somebody currently on the roster is getting the ax.

Now that the stakes have been raised, what can really happen to our Upper East Siders? Only time will tell at the moment. But don't worry cause we will continue to post updates about this whole season 6 dilemma.

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