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Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 5 "Monstrous Ball" Guide

Here's the official guide of Gossip Girl season 6 episode 5 "Monstrous Ball" which airs on Monday, Nov 12th on the CW.

  • After Eleanor (guest star Margaret Colin) gives Blair an ultimatum, Blair is even more determined to remedy Waldorf Designs’ problems by making a splash with a dress at the upcoming Cotillion, but a shocking revelation at the ball affects everyone.
  • Serena (Blake Lively) becomes worried about Steven’s (guest star Barry Watson) attitude toward her, but after some investigating she discovers the surprising reason why.
  • Chuck (Ed Westwick) finds an unlikely ally as he tries to drive a wedge between Bart (Robert John Burke) and Lily’s (Kelly Rutherford) relationship to help expose his father’s secret.
  • Meanwhile, Dan (Penn Badgley) publishes another article, but the effect is just the opposite of what he was hoping for.

Source: CW