‘Gossip Girl’ Renewed For Season 5!

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May 16, 2011

Update July 24th: If Google sent you here, that means you’re looking for more info on Gossip Girl’s season 5! Please check all four links below for latest season 5 updates:

The CW Network has given early pickups to five of its established series for next season, including scandalous guilty pleasures Gossip Girl for season 4, the network’s second most popular series with women 18-34 (2.8/7)

We can expect Gossip Girl season 5 to premiere on September 26. We’ll be posting all the filming updates we get so make sure you frequent our Gossip Girl homepage in the summer too! Filming starts in July.

What are your hopes for Gossip Girl season 5? Comment below!

  • Gossip girl

    love georgina sparks, make her a full time character on the show!!!! shes so crazy!! … chuck and blair its the perfect couple <3… they should make a nate and jenny romance ;)… no offense but vanessa its a lesbian jajaja lol… serena and dan, seriously! they are getting BORING, its like going all back to the first season all over again :/ the same shit, getting toghether and breaking up and viceversa!naaaaahhh please DON'T!!!!! :P she should end up with ben's cousin :D… rufus and lilly, the are getting boring, spice things up between them, rufus is HOT so do something spicy with him XD ;)… Eric!! well, he should have his own romance too!! with someone very hot jaja…. and i love Blair in her bitch role, make something in columbia with her minions, make her the bitch in all college :) IDk but please AMAZE US… XOXO GOSSIP GIRL XD



  • http://twitter.com/_vE15 ritchelle lalisan

    Chuck Bass..!!!

  • Peyton

    I only want Blair & Chuck back together! 

  • Linebruss

    No Jenny is so cool. I so hope she will be on the show… It would not be the same with out Jenny!!!!! I hope Nate and Serina will be together they are my favorite couple!

  • Princess S4rah

     for the record neither jen or vanessa are in the next season

  • Shaheera_arshad

    i hope nate and serena stay together as well as blair anc chuck!!! these four r perfect the way they were :D :D

  • Heavensealey

    i want blair and chuck together, and serena and nate together, and they must stay together!

  • Daphne Baer

    it be better good :)) finished season 4 2 weeks after it aired and i am so bored now ..:( waiting with good hopes

  • Karisha

    Chuck and Blair for ever, I hope that when Blair realizes that Chuckis pregnant again and tell Manhattan Chuck and let it go … LouisChuck and Blair to marry and raise her baby. As they say true loveto rediscover them again as always loved Chuck Blair and Chuckalways loved her bone can not let this wonderful and amazing is completed and both make their life, no no no no they can afford itshould end up together, I’ll shut up Jenny super bad when she slept with Chuck, instead of saying no>. <UHG I hate it, ruined everything between Chuck and Blair

  • Karisha

    Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck are the most perfect couple I’veseen in my life are so beautiful. Blair must tell Louis that is not goingto marry him because she does not love that here she loves Chuckand this is expecting a child of him, Louis is good but not stick withBlair, Chuck Blair is like one who is women the two go hand in hand. I do not expect to see the fifth season, but seriously Chuckand Blair should be together again and this time it is forever. Nateand Serena make a lovely couple too and the four best friends are dating lol would be awesome.Chuck and Blair Forever

  • Chereeparker

    I hopping it be so good this season, I want to know is Blair pregnant are not with Chuck’s baby….plus I hope Serena finally finds love

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1486203077 Jenifer Amanda Wilson

    chuck and blair to get back together

  • Darkgirl40


  • Agosto6234

    ohh no!!! dair,i dont like.but i’m gonna die if blair and chuck arent together

  • Agosto6234

    i want chuck and blair together

  • emmmilllyyy


  • Gzj

    i really hope blair and chuck come together again, if not i will stop watching gossip girl

  • Karon

    I LOVE Jorgina!!!

  • Karon

    I LOVE Jorgina!!!

  • Rabeamansur

    Jenny is a weirdo….she should not be in season 5

  • guest

    i agree serena is starting to be very annoying but i did like how things ended for her in the last episode with the movie thingy :)
    i love blair and chuck! they are my favorites!

  • Lara

    I still dream that Blair & Chuck will be together again! :)) 

  • Ronaldo

    for me i think the cw should hav a gossip girl spinoff series named thorpe   beecause i think we need more raina

  • tino

    i think they should hav a gossip girl spinoff deries abouy raina or bring her back

  • yvonne

    Yes, I agree. Serena was starting to get on my nerves too. I thought it was just me!!!

  • Aleasha_11

    i want to to be like season 1 and 2 they were so bloody good and entertaining

  • Petkovic_danica

    jenny??? i hate her caracter..

  • guest




  • Ruqruq101

    Omg!!! I can’t wait <3 I rlly hope Blair n chuck get back together! N Serena n Nate get back to together there romance was so cute n they work for each other..Dan shd go with vanessa she clearly loves him n he loves her n he keeps messing it up for Serena n Nate to work out -_- oh n someone please fill me in ! Is Blair leaving ?! The magazines r saying she is if she's not till wen will she stay?!?!

  • Rbcutie

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I’m praying that chuck n blair get back together and nate n serena <3 i want this so bad!!!!!

  • Rbcutie

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I’m praying that chuck n blair get back together and nate n serena <3 i want this so bad!!!!!

  • GossipGirlLover.

    I hate jenny, and I also hope that Blair has Chucks baby:D I can’t wait to see her reaction!

  • adela huerta alba

    she is a bitch

  • Nate<3Jennyfan27

    I really fucking want Jenny back on the show! and I want her with Nate. Serena with Dan and Blair with Chuck!

  • http://twitter.com/VanneCullenLutz •.• ? Vanessa ? •.•

    i’m fine with Jenny and vanessa been gone. but i’m game for some Chuck/Blair/Dan triangle. *sigh* i dont want blair marring Loui so definitely looking forward to see how her sister ruins the wedding ;)

  • Michelle

    Can we have more Georgina please? Her character really spices the show up and the character interactions with her are always entertaining! I for one, hated Vanessa! I’m glad she is gone. Jenny I’m indifferent about. I wasn’t so fond of Charlie. I’d like this season of Gossip Girl to really focus on the main 5, like build a main story line around them like there was in s1 and 2. And not a story line about some guest star that affects one of the main 5. I’d also like to see more Serenate and old school bitchy Blair back. Not to mention the continuation of Blair and Dan interactions- although I’m a chair fan. The Dan and Blair scenes of last season really did make what had been a not so interesting few episodes, a lot more interesting and enjoyable to watch. And can we have a less dark Chuck? He wasn’t always this ‘damaged’ he was an ass, and arrogant. Anyway honestly I just hope season 5 is more like s 1, 2 and the first half of season 3.

  • Anny

    I want chuck and serena to have some short affair

  • Milica93ns

    just chuck&blair.that’s all I want.

  • Nikita

     Charlie sucks, she must leave :(
    I want Blair and Chuck to be together again. I do not like the French guy(/prince).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001715247065 Monica Ochoa

    Okay I really hope Blair isn’tm pregnant because then the season would end and i dont want it to!

  • Gossip Girl

    compeletly agree!!! but no jenny, hate her!!

  • Chair, Serenate and Danessa

    Dan and Blair….eeeewwww, Vanessa and Chuck, This make me gag and i hate jenny. this is what should happen…Chuck and blair…they are ment for eachother, Dan and Vanessa… They are Brooklyn Buds and they have been friends all they laife and they have connection as for jennt, the cw is don’t the right thing by kicking her of the show cos she’s just annoying!

  • andrea rivas

    i really dont care if jenny go out of the show she is a bich better out
    i LOVE blair she is the best and its serina s BBF !!!!!  the only one i want back its vanessa she was good well some times
    well the only thing i want is see bair and chuck togeter and serina  whit nate and                    fuck dan

  • blog guest

    I think if it is Blair that is pregnant in season 5 it will Dan’s baby LOL yep, Dan. Them “sleeping together” could be secret and huge bomb to drop. Now that would create some serious drama among all lead characters and even the secondary characters like Rufus, Eleanor, Vanessa and Jenny if they ever reappear.

  • Chinnahrn18

    Can’t wait for the Season 5

  • Poppy_Harvey

    I want a love triangle with Chuck Dan and Blair too, but Blair HAS TO end up with Chuck eventually otherwise the whole show will be ruined :/ Can’t wait for season 5! So excited :)

  • Saiia_here

    i wish in season 5 better be as good as season 2 ..

  • Saiia_here

    i hate too ..

  • anap

    i agreee!!!!!!

  • gg

    she won t i read that she doesn t want to do acting any more and instead she want to do misic and no returning to d show

  • PinkPetal

    I have three theorys about the pregnancy test
    1) Charlie put it in their bin at the sleepover as a scheme
    2)Eleanor is pregnant and she put it in their bin when she was there (she and Cyrus had a baby called Yale in the book)
    3)Serena is pregnant with either Ben or Colin but they can’t tell who coz the DNA is the same :D
    by the way can I just put it out there that I felt SO sorry for Vanessa, she is innocent.. it was all Juliet’s fault, then it was Ivy’s fault .. she didn’t deserve anything that happened to her with people hating her and it’s so sad to see her character driven off the show for that reason .. I miss the good oul’ days when Blair looked down her noses at Dan and Vanessa, Serena was friends with Dan and Vanessa, Chuck and Blair were always looking out for each other(which I am glad to see hasn’t changed), Jenny and Dan were really close, Nate and Chuck were best friends no matter what (which actually looked pretty rocky when Nate chose Raina), Serena and Nate were in love (I would love to see that and I would love to see him spoil her :D) It’s good to see Penelope back .. LOVED her and it was good to see Kati and Iz for a bit too.. no need to bring Hazel back btw and where is Nelly?:o Speaking of.. where are Scott and Carter? Please keep Damien away btw coz I hate him.. he’s not even the villian that you love, he’s just an asshole.. Ben and Colin would have to come back for theory number 3 :D and I am glad to notice Serena and Eric are closer although, I miss Dan and Jenny’s bond:( I also miss Jenny and Vanessa’s friendship and not the one in ‘the witches of bushwick’ were they used there bond to destroy people but like.. the one in season 2 where they had the phone call were Jenny gave Vanessa advice on Nate and etc. no need for marcus or catherine to ever be back in the show again by the way .. creeps! :L and can you please have Serena and Chuck hook up once? I have been waiting for it to happen for years :L and then Blair can get pissed off and it can show Chuck who he really loves-Blair. One last thing, please please make Jenny normal if she ever guest stars again! 

  • Guest

    i am addicted to gossip girl omygod <3 
    when can you buy the dvd-box from season 5 in holland? :o
    does anybody know that?

    thankssss . 


  • Missy 5

    hey! Does anybody maybe know the filming locations? Want to look so much! pleeease!) 

  • Mirandaallain

    I expect Blair gets married with chuck, and he’ll take care of her son!!!

  • Missy 5

    Does anybody know filming locations and days in NY? Please! Would be so happy!!!

  • Mastermind_ao

    havent you all seen the random set photos while GGs filming currently? Blair isnt pregnant?

  • Yan27a

    israeli guy


  • Yan27a

    israeli guy


  • C Londonxo

    i want chuck and blair back together

  • Rachiecoolgirl

    I hope blair and chuck find their way to each other again :( I love them together

  • Bluffmegz

    It’s serena dude really and VANESSA get it right.

  • heart cruz

    yey! I’m so excited. can’t wait for season 5. hope it will not be boring just like the last saeson. HAHAHA

  • Azzaalice

    want serena and dan to get back together!

  • Azzaalice

    want serena and dan to get back together!

  • nicole

    I CANT WAIT!! (:

  • Tiffany Brace

    i love chuck and blair i hope they get back together

  • Tiffany Brace

    i love chuck and blair i hope they get back together

  • Lea

    I want it to be Lily’s baby because she was so cute with Milo the “Not son” of Dan.
    Blair and Serena aren’t ready for a child, I think.
    And Blair’s mother: Please nooooooooooooooot, I can’t endure her!!!

  • bigmom

    Yes, me too. I love the old Jenny!!!

  • Blair josh

    Also less Serena being slut :)

  • gossip girl

    HATE JENNY! Yay that she is gone, I LOVE Blair and Chuck though :( so sad that she is marrying Louis and i heart Dan and Serena :) :)
    gossip girl ;)

  • Martinha_279

    chuck and blair. ALWAYS <3

  • Aldo62

    pls can any1 tell me when GG s05 airs in the uk

  • sazzy

    omgg cant wait!

    i want to see a little bit more of dan&blair and heaaaps more of chuck&blair! and i want more of the scheming to come back :)

  • Kana

    even though Jenny was evil, i really miss her in the show, she adds drama, Chuck and Blair is a match maid in hell, both of them are scheming and at times vindictive, perfect match, just want to see how this baby drama is going to play out, last season was a bit disappointing, hope this one blows me away.   

  • Kana

    even though Jenny was evil, i really miss her in the show, she adds drama, Chuck and Blair is a match maid in hell, both of them are scheming and at times vindictive, perfect match, just want to see how this baby drama is going to play out, last season was a bit disappointing, hope this one blows me away.   

  • Kana

    i bet its a false alarm, nobody is pregnant, its away to keep people on the edge of their seats until the new season starts, very good suspense, they did the same thing in 90210 *shakes head and rolls eyes* 

  • Klaudy182

    3 days left :O