‘Gossip Girl’ Renewed For Season 5!

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May 16, 2011

Update July 24th: If Google sent you here, that means you’re looking for more info on Gossip Girl’s season 5! Please check all four links below for latest season 5 updates:

The CW Network has given early pickups to five of its established series for next season, including scandalous guilty pleasures Gossip Girl for season 4, the network’s second most popular series with women 18-34 (2.8/7)

We can expect Gossip Girl season 5 to premiere on September 26. We’ll be posting all the filming updates we get so make sure you frequent our Gossip Girl homepage in the summer too! Filming starts in July.

What are your hopes for Gossip Girl season 5? Comment below!

  • Lola

    I would like Charlie to leave. I think she’s psycho. Serena could fall off the wagon and turn “bad girl” again. Some new characters should come in to play, but NOT Charlie. I think she sucks and is TOTALLY boring. 

  • Aysha

    I am in love with Chuck Baas

  • Aysha

    I am in love with Chuck Baas

  • GP

    So C is obviously still madly in love with B and is bordering on an obsession trying to kill himself like that on a bike…..how long will S stay in L.A before she realizes her place is in NY. so B is preggers and hiding it……..mmmmm i wonder who’s the daddy is it D, C or her prince charming ….lets just wait and see next…. xoxo gossip girl 

  • Camibear98

    I think blair and chuck should be together. I don’t like Louis , his nice and that but i always imagined her with chuck, getting married. I rckon it’s chucks child bcoz louis and her never had it and chuck was the last one that she did with. More drama. I’m sad that jenny and vanessa are leaving the show i mean with them in it it was juicier.


  • Pysieczna14

    i think jenny should come back.. i hate vanessa, she complicated everything, i want to see dan with serena and ofc chair<3 unfortunately i live in poland nd we have only 3th season on tv, i watched it in the internet but my english is not good. ;<

  • Rwoodend1

    awesome news, but ive already watched season 5 episode 1,2,3,4 and 5…. waiting for a link to six!:DDDDD

  • Chillpanther

    i really like serena ven der wodson

  • Ronci-93

    Chuck and Blair <3 
    …fuck Serena and Jenny…and Vanessa, ugh, I hate her!
    Nate is cute, they should make some hot scenes with him :)

  • guest

    Chuck and Blair <3 
    …fuck Serena and Jenny…and Vanessa, ugh, I hate her!
    Nate is cute, they should make some hot scenes with him :)

  • Kanok-onbu

    what is gossip girl?

  • Franni

    Jenny is cool, maybe sometimes she behaves like a bitch, but that’s the bad side everyone has

    i really do hope that Chuck and Blaire find back together again.. they were such a perfect couple

  • Rachel

    Blair and Dan!!! chuck sold blair for a hotel and done alot of worse things to her which only proves he doesn’t really lover her. And Blair if she really loved chuck wouldn’t keep finding reasons for them not to be together. Chuck and Blair is high school kid relationship with drama all the time. Dan and Blair act like a married couple and that’s real love that will last and always be there without a need for games to keep them interested.

  • ivy

    for once, i hope blair would end up with her prince louie. she deserve it. she deserves the simple joy – louie is good for her

  • sim

    nate and serena <3<3<3

  • cupcake0021

    .. woow. ok thats the couple names. she knows how to spell their names ok. danessa is dan and vanessa together. and darena is dan and serena. gosh dude get it right!.