On The Set of ‘Gossip Girl’ Season 5: Photos and Videos

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July 24, 2011

We have a few on the set photo galleries and videos to share for Gossip Girl’s season 5, which started filming this July.

Ed Westwick (Chuck) showed up on the set of Gossip Girl on July 14 with a gigantic, nasty-looking bruise running up and down his right side. This indicates a pretty nasty injury for Ed in real life, or trouble for Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl.

Leighton Meester in a lemon-printed dress while shooting the new season of Gossip Girl in New York, July 7. With her was Roxane Mesquida, who was recently cast as Louis’ sister (spoilers here)

Leighton Meester again, reading the Game of Thrones?

Behind the scenes photos with Penn Badgley (Dan) and Hugo Becker (Prince Louis).

First set photos of Blake Lively (Serena)

Elizabeth Hurley recently joined the cast of Gossip Girl. With her, of course, was Chace Crawford.

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  • http://twitter.com/MzAndieA Andrea Alcalá

    Is Serena pregnant? Cause in the third picture it kinda looks like she’s wearing a belly.

  • S.

     No, I’m pretty sure it’s Blair, who is pregnant…cause haven’t heard what she said, when she stood in front of this burger/hotdog/whatever store? She said: [Actually] I need to find a RESTROOM… i think that this is a sign of blair feeling sick because of her pregnancy…

  • Caroline

    I hope whoever’s pregnant has an abortion, I don’t want any of the characters to have a baby, yet. They’re way to young. 

  • http://twitter.com/MzAndieA Andrea Alcalá

    I kinda had the feeling that it was Blair but it was said that her story with Dan wasn’t over yet, so being prenant makes it a little hard for that to happen and I’m not sure about an abortion but yes a don’t see either of them with a baby.

  • http://twitter.com/MzAndieA Andrea Alcalá

    Also take a close look to the third Serena picture, a see a belly there.

  • KJLautner

    kinda not sure though you know it could just be one of those wrongly cut and cliingy clothes if anyone is pregnant i want it to be blair 

  • Mari Wollsch

    Blair is obviously pregnant, but I think she’s pregnant with chuck. For the fourth season, the last episode you see a pregnancy test.

  • Mari Wollsch

    Blair is obviously pregnant, but I think she’s pregnant with chuck. For the fourth season, the last episode you see a pregnancy test.

  • L.

    I don’t know if you realized it, but actually there are moms with babies around everywhere… When Blair & Louis’ Sister walk through the park, there is a mum with her baby sitting on the bench & at the beginning there are parents passing by with their buggy. definitely blair who’s pregnant!

  • http://twitter.com/MzAndieA Andrea Alcalá

    Oh in the video she says she is not feeling very good! Is that a sign?

  • chyler

    Hell No I don’t want Blair to be pregnant definitely not with Chuck’s child look at his father he will make a shitty dad it quite possibly could be Serena she has slept with Ben recently it hasn’t been that long and I also read there story is not over so what other reason would he have to come back also Dan and Blair are not over that could mean quite a few things to me I hope it means they have a chance to be together grow closer look Dan and Serena we’re great in the beginning but Serena doesn’t deserve Dan they had 2 perfect years lets move same with Chuck and Blair they had 3 seasons together and look at some of the things Chuck did to her if that really happened to someone they would be stupid as fuck to ever forgive that person I mean Love is only so strong Season 5 is a time for a new start and I hope that it involves DAN and BLAIR as far as the other characters who gives a shit…..

  • Minkier

    I think i am ready for Blair and Chuck’s copy.lol*holding thumbs hard!!*

  • http://twitter.com/MzAndieA Andrea Alcalá

    I don’t think Chuck is ready for a baby hahah

  • http://twitter.com/VanneCullenLutz •.• ? Vanessa ? •.•

    oh yes! If someone is pregnant it has to be Blair with Chuck’s child! ;)

  • Minkier

    lol….if its Blairs’…i think he’l mature into a sweety great daddy. He’d have mad love for the kid and well…we all know how deep his love connection with Blair is. 

  • Gossip Girl

    I think its just a very badly cut and shaped skirt. I hapoe blair is pregnant and chuck would be an amazing father as he has learnt what not to do ffrom his father and i hate louis!!

  • Elita_tensis

    uuh i hope another story about Dan and Blair,t they have a chemistry

  • Aleja

    well what’s is really sure is that anything can happend in gossip gilr. I’ m just so exited to watch 5 season

  • Lovely_zia5

    Ahaha..dan and blair?ewww..chuck an blair? Wow! Guys if boredom is not ur fave pastime u wudnt want to c dan and blair together coz tgere’s no spark!!!

  • iva

    stfu. chuck is a king.

  • iva

    S. didn’t have sex since the fall of the wall of Berlin. I don’t think she could be pregnant.

  • Annjones

    Leighton and Ed have the best chemistry and that’s undeniable, but there’s just something about Penn and her that makes me want to see more Dan/Blair scenes. Also, I don’t think any of them is ready for a baby.  Except maybe Dan, but he’s obviously not the father here, whoever is pregnant. They’re too young, Blair is only 20 after all.

  • Chris

    no guys b is d 1 pregnant for chuck uno their last fun b4 chuck sed d wrong goodbye

  • MY:P

    wooooow i love serena she is my little baby

  • Cardenasac

    dan and blair rules….

  • Nessanychole

    serena can’t be pregnant because if you watch the last episode while she is talking about vacationing at her grandmothers she talks about drinking alcohol . obviously whoever took the test knew they were pregnant and wouldn’t be planning on drinking .