‘Gossip Girl’ Season 5 Guide

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May 19, 2011

CW has released the official guide for ‘Gossip Girl’ season 5! Gossip Girl returns this fall, scheduled on Mondays 8:00-9:00 P.M.

Watch out Upper East Siders, this season nobody’s safe, and everybody’s going to be sorry….

  • Gossip Girl 5 will open in the City of Angels when a re-energized Chuck and Nate decide to pay Serena a visit.
  • Back home, Blair learns that planning a royal wedding can be a royal pain, and Dan discovers the ramifications of writing candidly about his closest friends.
  • Finally, the surprise return of cousin Charlie will threaten to destroy the van der Woodsen family from within.
  • Lucy :)

     Planning a wedding can be a real pain… in the abdomen? Spill CW! :D

  • Marian

    oh god i can’t wait to the new season :D

  • Marian

    oh god i can’t wait to the new season :D

  • Jessit89

     Don’t you think its too obvious that Blair is the one that is pregnant?? maybe its serena (with ben??) and ben is supposed to come back next season(i read this in another spoiler)?? Serena is always with a whole bunch of men… or somehow blairs mom? remember that in the books, blairs mom becomes pregnant…

  • kh

     i believe the pregnancy test to be blair’s mother… still, wasn’t that blair’s bathroom? i wish it would be blair’s. i’d soooo very much like to see how would the situation unveil (i’m talking about chuck being the father of the child in question :P). louis(is that his name?) is nice and all, but i want him to disappear.

  • Gracie

     chuck and nate pay serena a visit!!!! comeee on bring back serenate!

  • Gracie

     chuck and nate pay serena a visit!!!! comeee on bring back serenate!

  • sa

     i want chuck and blair to get back together, poor chuck is so sad HURRY UP SEASON 5

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_I5LVVNW4JCWZWCL3P4ZW3MEN64 Tiffany Brace

    i just want chuck and blair back together 

  • Abc

    Yess, Chuck and nate visit Serena. Serenate FTW!
    omg, i hope blair’s pregnant with Chuck cuz Louis will have to let her go then :D
    and charlie’s coming back. the real one? or the hired one who’s with georgina apparently?

  • MysTorri

    Ah a royal wedding…. with all the stress, mess ups and bitching, LOVE IT!!!! cant wait… seriously! once a week was torture now i have to wait MONTHS!!! :( Life is so unfair right now!

  • Anonymous

    I’m kind of confused. So is the real Charlie bad or is it the fake one that is bad?

  • .:90210fan:.

    1. That needs to be Blair that’s pregnant and it has to be Chuck’s baby… that would complete my life having them together again :)

    2. Nate going to visit Serena… YESSS. I love them together!!

    3. Charlie and Louis should get married and then move to France so they will be off the show. I really don’t like either of their chracters. Louis is too clingy and annoying and Charlie… obviously is crazy and a fake. :/

  • Posh24

    It’s the fake Charlie how is gonna be series regular :O And I love serenate! :D hope they get back together :D

  • Qwerty1

    I read somewhere that the person who plays Blair said that its not her character that become pregnant so I guess all you people that hate Louis will have to keep waiting…

  • Fgkycb

    Serenate YES !!!!!!

  • Fgkycb

    Serenate YES !!!!!!

  • Felicity0324

    nope, not a chance because Joshua Safran said DAIR will happen on Season 5 hahahah so excited for it! Chuck needs to learn his lesson first. He needs to have a slice of humble pie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1277239134 Salome Kiknadze

    i don’t know what i’m gonna do… i can’t till SEPTEMBER!!!! ;( in the last series, it shows the pregnancy test… i really hope its blair pregnant with chuck’s kid!!!! love chuck and blair!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1277239134 Salome Kiknadze

    i hope blairs pregnant with chucks kid!! 

  • http://twitter.com/rheatumbagahan rhea tumbagahan

    SEREATE will be together again!!!!!!!!!!I hope…

  • Liz

    I want Blair and Chuck together!

  • Lholzh10

    no cant you all tell that blair is prego !!!!!!!!!!!! it was in blairs room… 

  • Booo ;)

    To writers, everyone wants SERENATE to happen, so make it f*cking happen! Second Blair better be pregnant with Chuck’s kid, that would be awesome!

  • Lovebuggirl3233

    We have yet to see the real Charlie so we can’t tell if she is bad or not.But fake Charlie (Ivy) is bad and real Charlie’s mom hired her to pretend to be Charlie.

  • Atlanta_chris

    I love gossip girl…<3

  • SinSinJoyce

    I’m very upset that I love Nate eith Serena and Chuck with Blaire but it never happens easily… I’m so happy in Season 3 and season 1…. I WANT THEM BACK TOGETHER!!!!

  • Bookworm_0828

    hell yeah its dair time i think serena also needs to learn that dan can move on as well maybe she’ll appreciate him more now

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tabitha-Mann/100000729398667 Tabitha Mann

    I love Chair, but I’m excited for Dair. Do you really want Chair to get back together just because of a pregnancy? That doesn’t seem very romantic, it seems forced. Hopefully it’s Serena with Ben’s baby or Blair’s mom.

  • (:

    OMG it has to be serena. ‘nate and chuck pay serena a visit’ & they find her PREGNANT. i want it to be blair (with chuck) but its too obvious & they would have said summin bout it instead of the wedding. shame. louis needs to buy a one way ticket back to paris. CHAIR & SERENATE <3

  • Hannah

    It has to be either Blair or Serena that is pregnant… and since its most likely not serena, its probs Blair. Even if Blair’s mom was pregnant in the books, why would she ever take a pregnancy test and leave it in Blair’s bathroom ? that makes no sense.

  • Elena

    CHAIR and SERENATE!!!!! PLS!!!!

  • romina

    ni da que aparezca charlie otra vez no me la banco

  • Themashnextdoor

    woah… i was hoping for some pregnancy news… if its not blair’s test. im going to be pissed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=558484318 Gracey Baking

    can’t wait to watch all the episodes in the upcoming Season 5 of Gossip Girl ^__^

  • Christinahanna13

    I do not think it is hers either…if anyone noticed it only said 3 weeks later on the show…so it would def not be Blair and Chucks   :(

  • Lucy :)

    Most of the mom’s intentions were noble… she didn’t want her daughter in all that drama. The mom was entitled to that money for her daughter, but because she wanted to shelter her daughter, she had to hire someone. Not sure if the real Charlie is good: probably, if the mother felt the need to shelter her.

  • Chair_rule

    He has already learnt his lesson by letting Blair go! Dair could happen, but we all know that at the end Blair will be with Chuck. I would also like Serena with Dan (even if they are step-brothers) or with Nate.

  • Tess

    Why would Blair’s mother be in the solit bathroom to Serena and Blair’s rooms? Remember Blair’s mother no longer lives at the penthouse… It is fully Blair’s house like since she turned 18 and Eleanor married.

  • sally

    That needs to be Blair that’s pregnant and it HAS TO BE CHUCK’S baby. that would be so amazing i mean chuck as a father? and just them together would complete my life :D :D :D

  • what do you think??

    I wonder who is pregnant???

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_I5LVVNW4JCWZWCL3P4ZW3MEN64 Tiffany Brace

    i cant wait for season 5 to start and what i really want to happen is that blair and chuck will get back together and have their baby together and have a happy ever ending. i love chair

  • Adriana


  • Neacheerleader7

    i hope dan and serena get back together! not nate and serena….

  • Lo

    I think it will be Serena (although I’m holding out hope that is is Blair’s with Chuck) But Since this says Blair is planning a wedding, depending on what they do with the timing usually they start off with summer coming to an end and if they DO do that then Blair because I’m sure she’d know she was prego and wouldn’t (hopefully) be still planning. With Serena in Cali she’d be away from everyone probably hiding out. 

  • Electdragon2000

    Yeah but it takes a while for a pregnancy to show up on a pregnancy test. Most likely you are right since it would be too easy for Blair to be pregnant. But Blair probably took the test 3 weeks later to see if whether or not she was pregnant due to maybe morning sickness

  • Anonymous

    I think Jenny will end up coming back to the show later in the fifth season and her and Chuck will end up as a couple. Those two have lots of chemistry. And Serena will end up with Nate, Dan will end up with Vanessa, and Blair will be with Louis or end up with some other guy.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that the fake Charlie is probably a bad guy or she is just desperate for money but does anyone get the feeling that maybe the real Charlie might be even crazier? I think that especially since the mom had someone else pretend to be Charlie, besides why else would she have someone else pretend to be Charlie? I have a pretty good feeling that the real Charlie will come later in the show and she will be a really crazy person or something. LOL. It will be exciting to see what happens because it will stir up drama in Gossip Girl and drama is what makes Gossip Girl so exciting!

  • Anonymous

    I thinking that Serena got pregnant from either Chuck or Nate.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking that Charlie’s mom just didn’t want Charlie to be exposed to the family… cause remember that was the whole reason she hid her from them all along? She thought that life style was bad and she didn’t want her kid influenced like that. But I do this it would be great drama if the real Charlie was added to the mix :)

  • Teatea731

    I’ll kill myself if Chuck will find someone in LA )) 

  • Anonymous

    Your crazy! LOL.

  • Lisa_m_d

    Nobody else hoping for a bit of Dair? Kinda hope it’s not Blair’s cause then her and Dan wont happen. But I really don’t know how it could be Serena’s cause she hasn’t gotten any since Ben left and that was ages ago?

  • Pod1990

    But if its blairs mum why is she in the girls toilet so it has to be blair or serena. i think it will be blair and she will have to find out who the dad is cause she did the dirty with chuck   Bad blair.

  • Cely

    I would like to dare to Dair! Last season it was hinted a romance between Dan & would happen & Dan even said he liked Blair but nothing happened so hopefully something happens & the wedding doesnt happen & somehow a romance between Dan & Blair does happen! I hope Serena or Blair’s mom is pregnant & not Blair!

  • Steph

    me too :D!

  • Steph

    in the book is it the mom who’s got pregnant

  • Denesha

    I really don’t care about anything else. As long as Chuck and Blair is together or they’re happy, I’m prettty much happy.

  • KJLautner

    i know but thats just a bit to boring 

  • Mari Wollsch

    i think that is what gonne happen

  • Mari Wollsch

    no that i so not boring, they are ment to be togeter

  • Mari Wollsch

    who not?

  • Myra Chao

    yah, they should totally be together! wat’s gossip girl without chuck and blair, and hopefully a little bass, ruling! :D

  • Myra Chao

    So agree! the waiting is killing me :(

  • anonymous

    that is the worst scenario possible! chuck and blair belong together, theres no question about that. jenny needs to meet someone different to keep her grounded and its not possible for Dan and Vanessa to have a reconciliation, seeing as she went behind his back, 

  • anonymous

    She never slept with Chuck? And she hasnt been with Nate for a year.

  • anon

    serena & nate HAVE to get back together, theyre mostly the reason i watch the show.. i love them!

  • Minkier

    Nw that would be great news!!

  • guest

    chuck treats blair awful i hope she’s not pregnant that would suck

  • Minkier

    i think Chuck is the love to hate kind of a guy. You can’t live with him…u can’t live without him at the same time. They have a very strong bond and as much as they bring out the worst in each other . Chuck has mad love for Blair and VS so i say she should be pregnant with Chuck’s baby!!

  • Anonymous

    None of you have guessed it’s probably Dorota?????

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UBH3HAKL7WNNBG5QMYPOKE6YPQ Mi

    It can’t be her! sh has a baby as it is remember??

  • Indi Lipglos

    Nah , not only that !
    BLAIRS PREGNATE WITH CHUKS CHILD (welli kinda guessit was chuks)

  • indi :)

    wow i never relized that you sooo corect ! 
    I always thout it was blair with chuk  .. but you make sence !
    Kissees xx bisue bissue

  • indi :)

    NOOOO ! that would suck donkey cock

  • indi :)

    I mean i really LOOVE chuk and blair , blair and chuk !!!!
    but i feel really sorry for louis ! i like him !and blair would make an amaziing princess  ;) 
    Oh well cant wait 
    Buissu buissu xx 

  • gg

    mabe in three weeks that have passed it may be louse child and blear s

  • gg

    but if they are why is she marrying d prince something have to happen and she won t get married    and maarrie chulk instead because she would be pregnant with  his child

  • gg

    i prefare derena

  • gg

    at d end he really did grow up to let his most true love let go