Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 6 “I Am Number Nine” Promo #2

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October 25, 2011

Take a look at Canadian promo version for Gossip Girl season 5, episode 6: “I Am Number Nine”. Below you can find links to other related spoilers, including 1st promo.

  • S.

    omg..can’t wait to see this episode…looks like there are some really beautiful Chuck & Blair moments ?

  • Julius

    did you hear it? “I found the paternity text..” OMG!!!!! IT’s Chuck’s!!!

  • S.

    as much as I want I to be Cuck’s, this promo unfortunately says nothing…the paternity test could also show Louis as the father of her child.

    BUT the fact, that she even made a paternity test, says that Blair was unfaithful…and that Louis finds the test, just shows us that he knows about her betrayal.