Gossip Girl Spoilers: "Big, Sexy, Bloody, Everything-Comes-To-a-Head Episode"

Gossip Girl Spoilers: "Big, Sexy, Bloody, Everything-Comes-To-a-Head Episode"

Executive Gossip Girl producer Josh Safran talked with EW.com about the filming of “The Fasting and the Furious” episode. He revealed few spoilers, which we filtered out below:

  • East sidders are attending Sleep No More, the provocative live show that contains elements of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in episode 5.

  • Make sure you laso check promo trailer #1, #2, guide, photos - all spoilers for the next episode.

  • Unlike previous Gossip Girl masquerade balls, there’s blood; it’s darker. There’s Lady Macbeth, there’s Macbeth. It’s a little more twisted than usual, and that episode also holds in it so many surprising, romantic twists … It’s sort of a big, sexy, blood, everything-comes-to-a-head kind of an episode.

  • Like masked balls in the past, there are multiple kisses — between multiple people” in the episode. “Like, quadratic couples. Could that have something to do with the “big kiss (spoiler link)?

  • Episode is still very fun, by the way. In fact, in some ways, it’s probably even more fun than a usual masquerade ball for us because it’s all of these characters connecting and missing each other.

  • Gossip Girl becomes a part of the plot in a major way that episode, but not as a person, but more like an idea.