Gossip Girl Spoilers: “Big, Sexy, Bloody, Everything-Comes-To-a-Head Episode”

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October 21, 2011

Executive Gossip Girl producer Josh Safran talked with EW.com about the filming of “The Fasting and the Furious” episode. He revealed few spoilers, which we filtered out below:

  • East sidders are attending Sleep No More, the provocative live show that contains elements of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in episode 5.
  • Make sure you laso check promo trailer #1, #2, guide, photos – all spoilers for the next episode.
  • Unlike previous Gossip Girl masquerade balls, there’s blood; it’s darker. There’s Lady Macbeth, there’s Macbeth. It’s a little more twisted than usual, and that episode also holds in it so many surprising, romantic twists … It’s sort of a big, sexy, blood, everything-comes-to-a-head kind of an episode.
  • Like masked balls in the past, there are multiple kisses — between multiple people” in the episode. “Like, quadratic couples. Could that have something to do with the “big kiss (spoiler link)?
  • Episode is still very fun, by the way. In fact, in some ways, it’s probably even more fun than a usual masquerade ball for us because it’s all of these characters connecting and missing each other.
  • Gossip Girl becomes a part of the plot in a major way that episode, but not as a person, but more like an idea.
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    Episode 7 not 5