Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 16 “Cross Rhodes” Promo

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February 14, 2012

Check out the first promo for Gossip Girl season 5 episode 16 “Cross Rhodes” airing next Monday on CW.

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  • bee

    I hate Dair!!! I want CHAIR!!!! 

  • Dair

    dair to dream man, just for 2 more episodes till everything crashes and burns on dan…. like every relationship he has. gergingas got the wedding vid still

  • Chair<3

    Damn this Daiir thingy.. It sucks big time! I will always and forever be a Chair fan<3 That is true love man, they will never stop loving each other!! And Dan is so freaking boring, always have always will :)

    But in the end, I think they'll give us Chuck and Blair, they practically said so on the spoilers for this seasons ending.. quote: "It will most likely end they way that over half the audience wants it to end"! And I seriously doubt that half the audience wants Dair to live happily ever after… -_-
    The people that have watched the show through all the seasons wants Chair, they've kept teasing us, so now it has to stop!

    Chair forever<3

  • -anonymous-

    Yess Dair at last! But i don’t think it will last for long;(

  • gg

    most people i meet love dair
    they are special

  • gg

    most people i meet love dair
    they are special

  • tzoi

    I couldn’t agree more!!