Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 14 “The Backup Dan” Promo

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January 31, 2012

Check out the first promo for Gossip Girl season 5 episode 14 “The Backup Dan” airing next week on CW. And let us know what you thought of tonights 100th episode!

  • Scarlettdreams

    G.G was the worst episode ever. Getting so frustrated with this show

  • S.

    It really was the worst episode ever…It was extremely boring and there were no surprises, the only surprise was that Blair and Louis were actually married.. the writers definitive didn’t keep at least one of their huge promises they made before..

    This whole Chuck and Blair storyline has gotten crapy and so unrealistic..I mean, the reasons of keeping them apart are just ridiculous..

    Enough already with the Chuck and Blair “I love you, but I can’t be with
    you” story line. It’s  tired and lame. The writers should start to
    think about better reasons to keep them apart, cause there obviously are

    Seriously – she professes her love for Chuck but still marries Louis, then is happy until Louis breaks her heart..I just don’t get this crap..

    I never liked Louis, but since 100th episode, I undersand him a little bit..I mean, what is Blair expecting from him, after he heard what she said to Chuck.  Absolutely NOBODY would like to live with somebody (like Blair) who is obviously so deeply in love with another man..so she need not be surprised when she acts like she did..

    Also, Blair running away with Dan was totally predictable, when they showed her calling and Chuck right after that it was clear she wasn’t calling him (would’ve been too obvious). 

    As always Ed and Leighton’s acting talents were the only thing worth
    commending in the ep, the two CB scenes really broke my heart.

    I had never been so disappointed form a GG episode…:-(( Really hated this episode.  And sorry, but it was NOT really a reward to long time fans at all.


  • Kristen

    They ruined Chuck last season and so this season they
    decided to ruin Blair. Must say they really did a good job on making Chuck a
    better man this season only to have Blair to flake out on him. Leave them to
    alone GG Writers you have ruined the BEST COUPLE ON TV!!!! They were fun, great
    together and the chemistry they had was unbelievable for the writers to ruin.
    Congrats you viewers are diminishing and its all the Writers and Producers
    faults to air these type of “episodes”.