Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 11 “The End of The Affair?” Sneak Peek

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January 11, 2012

Here is a sneak peek for Gossip Girl season 5 episode 11 “The End of The Affair?” airing on January 16th. You can also check out the promo video here.

  • S.

    WTF?? is this?

    So, after all that happend in the midseason finale (with Chuck) where Blair wanted to be together with Chuck, she has now gotten back to Louis? How stupid is this, GG?
    If now the whole story starts again, i’ll be done with the show soon. it’s soooo boring ALWAYS seen the same damn story..Blair should finally choose one, so that the story is over. FOREVER!

    pls. cause Leighten is such a great actress, she should have the chance to show it by playing other storylines, and not always the same things, because she can so much more and GG should at least try to give her the chance she deserves so she can show other sides..

  • bluebird

    this is really pathetic…..i mean what kind of stupid story is this?????? she doesnt seem afeected of what is hapenning to chuck, and after all hapenned in the previous episode, she is still thinking of louis?????????? no, this is like a show for idiots, i swear…….this is more than borring…… i am chair fan, but now i dont care anymore.

  • Si.

    They better have a damn good reason why they got to this? point. I’m
    just tired of this show! I understand that people can’t always be happy and there has to be drama but come on, this is ridicolous. if there is always the same story, people will get tired of watching the show..

    for what I HATE GG  is this: for in the last five minutes of the last episode they let  C.& B. be so happy, and everything really looked just great, and now what?
    what possible explanation can the writers have the the people will understand what happend and WHY..

  • S.

    Maybe this is a kind of an answer…This episode is called: “The end of? the Affair?” It’s named after the book/movie.
    A man and a woman who are deeply in love (but having an affair) are
    in an accident. The woman finds the man not breathing and so prays to
    She tells God that if he let’s the man she loves live, she will never see him again.
    The man lives and the woman leaves him. She made a vow with God, and exchanged their love for his life.
    Basically Chuck + Blair’s story right now.But would this make sense, I mean Queen B. giving up Chuck just because she promised it to God..I don’t think so..


  • Bethany

    Apparently seen as the episode is called “The end of the affair” which is based on a book Blair prays to god for Chuck to live but she has to let him go in return that’s why there not together and shes marring Louis. This would explain why here shes saying she cant be happy (cos she still wants to be with Chuck)

    GG writers are killing me, just let Chuck and Blair be together already!