Gossip Girl Season 4 Spoilers: What to expect for next season!

After the explosive Gossip Girl season finale, I'm sure you guys are just like me: wondering what's up for our GG gang next season! Check out these spoilers straight from the showrunners!

Will Chuck and Blair be able to move past the Jenny-hook-up ?

The showrunners point out that it depends on whether or not Chuck even survives his gunshot wound.

Which leads us to the question... is Chuck going to survive?

Showrunner Schwartz makes no promises but says that dying by way of protecting his engagement ring is a "noble gesture to erase a lot of wrongs."

Is Georgina really pregnant?

Showrunner Schwartz promises that she is, in fact, with child.

Are Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szhor coming back next season?

Showrunners promise that Szohr will be back "at some point" while Momsen's return seems to be something that they're planning with great care, making sure to keep it "a surprise."

And how will Blair handle Little J's return -- will she really destroy her?

The showrunners point out that Ms. Blair doesn't make promises she can't keep and that they will write whatever scenes will "create maximum drama."

Source: Watch with Kristin