Gossip Girl Season 4 Spoilers: Leighton Meester Interview!

We're on a Gossip-Girl-spoiler bender, aren't we? Well, why stop now? Check out these spoilers that were taken out as excerpts from a Leighton Meester interview!

On Katie Cassidy's guest star stint next season...

Meester isn't sure yet whether her character, Blair, would cross paths with Katie Cassidy's character.. though she hopes that they will. Meester spills that Katie Cassidy's character is being brought in to "cause a little bit of trouble." She thinks that Chace Crawford's character, Nate, is well suited for Katie Cassidy's character in that Nate's a "playboy" and Katie Cassidy's character is "a bad girl."

On Chuck and Blair reuniting next season...

Meester thinks that while Blair has "done some healing," she still has much more room to grow. But she has no doubt that Blair "has a flame burning for Chuck."

Source: MTV