Gossip Girl Season 4 Spoilers: Has Chuck REALLY changed?

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August 3, 2010

Last season ended with Chuck in a life-or-death situation.. we know he survives the gunshot but the big question is: has he really changed? We’ve got the spoilers to help give you guys an idea on whether Chuck’s no longer the good ole’ Chuck we know and love!

On how Chuck’s life has changed since he got shot…

He has a new love of his life, played by none other than Harry Potter’s Clemence Poesy. According to Westwick, Chuck feels indebted to her because she rescued him. She’s also opened his eyes to “a side to life that he really likes and gives him the opportunity of being a new man.” However, he does point out that despite this new love, “Ms. Waldorf still has his heart still, to a degree.”

On how Chuck and Blair will see each other again come next season…

The two will actually run into each other in Paris and according to showrunner Josh Schwartz, “It will echo through the whole season. It sets in motion the entire season.”

On what’s next after Paris…

How do you Gossip Girl fans feel about perhaps.. Tokyo?!

Source: TV Guide